Airi Katsuta is a professional photographer with experience in the visual art and commercial realms for 10 years. Born in Japan and raised in Arizona, her work aims to capture the transience and impermanence of landscapes and the individuals that populate them; a concept central to the Japanese aesthetic of Wabi-sabi.

Often confronting cultural differences, her work aims to visually articulate what verbal language cannot. She received her BFA in Photography from Arizona State University, and has since traveled around the world as a photojournalist with Peace Boat. Her documentation of Ishinomaki, Japan following the 2011 tsunami has remained central to her work, inspiring her “Thousand Cranes” installation which has been exhibited at museums, galleries, and public festivals.

Additionally, she was worked as an arts administrator at Method Art Gallery and has been featured in exhibitions at Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, Tempe History Museum, and Eric Fischl Gallery at Phoenix College. She currently works as Media Specialist at Phoenix Art Museum.

She lives and works in Phoenix, Arizona.