Cat in a Hat: Whiskers. by airi katsuta

I was into volunteering back when I was in middle school & high school. I did tutoring for other students and helped out at the library but I never really loved it. I didn't feel like I was helping out much. Then I thought, I like animals, I'll look into helping out animals! I've never really had an encounter with cats before I got into this program called Valley Cats. It was an adoption & foster program for strays & abandoned cats. That's where I met Whiskers.

Before I met him, he had to have hip surgery and was admitted into an animal hospital. Same with humans, hospital bills can go up pretty high and not many animals are insured. So his prior owner saw the overpriced bill, and then never picked him up after he got his hip fixed. Whiskers was left all alone and then Valley Cats welcomed him. Since he was still recovering from his surgery, he couldn't be adopted right away. That's where I came in :)

I became a foster parent for poor lil Whisk and took care of him. When he was all healed up, I took him to the adoption center every single week so he could find him a new home. He was very friendly but didn't like crowds of people or other cats which made it hard for potential adopters to get to know him. After the 4th month of going back and forth to the adoption center, I finally gave in and decided to adopt him myself.

He likes to play dress up a lot, as you can see it in this picture.