Print. by airi katsuta

FullSizeRender I've been feeling a bit down lately, and I'm only human so it's only natural that I go through all these emotions. Maybe it was because it got cold so fast. Maybe it was because I wasn't on a ship going around the world like the last two years. Maybe it was because it felt like I wasn't doing enough. Or because it felt like I was alone, away from all the people I missed.

But today, I printed this photo. It was from last February when I was on a tiny boat to land on my favorite place, Rapa Nui. This has been my favorite picture from my last trip, and I've looked at it on my computer screen thousands of times. I let everything else get in the way and never did anything with it. It was just tucked away like all the rest of the thousands of pictures I took.

But today, I printed this photo. As I held it in my hand, it felt like a whole new experience. Making it something tangible, finally making it exist. And it made me so happy. Isn't it crazy that something as simple as a print could do that?

I let things get too complicated, I procrastinated, I was stressed out. And they’re all just excuses that I only have myself to blame. So I’m going to refocus, and let myself be the person I’m capable of, and do all the things I’ve let it slip aside. Not saying that I'm going to be a brand new person tomorrow, but that I've found a little bit of light to push me out of this funk. I'm going to be okay. Let’s keep it simple. Let’s keep it moving.

Thanks, photography. You cheered me up.

Peace Boat 81st Global Voyage by airi katsuta

Hello! Long time no talk. Oh how I hate starting my blog like this but I do apologize for not updating frequently. Soooo, BIG NEWS! I will be working as a Japanese Web Reporter on Peace Boat’s 81st Global Peace Voyage . Peace Boat is a Japan-based international non-governmental and non-profit organization that works to promote peace, human rights, equal and sustainable development and respect for the environment. It is a cruise that goes around the world for 105 days, and I will be photographing and reporting about the activities on board and in 14 different countries. It'll be in Japanese but you can still check it out and look at the photos :)

This organization has a very dear place in my heart because I volunteered with their Disaster Relief to help Ishinomaki. I'm really excited to see the world and another cool thing is that I'll be with my sister Riho and my cousin Hiroto!

Let the adventure begin!!!.....on November 22nd, Bon Voyage!




Deja Vu by airi katsuta

I had a crazy deja vu when I went to the SFMoMA in January. There was this photo by Mark Ruwedel called Crossing #14.

And I made a photo almost identical without knowing it a year prior to seeing it.

I thought it was the craziest thing ever.

And now I know why Lundgren picked it out of the bunch.