Reflections / by airi katsuta

So the school year is about to end, and I am glad its almost summer! This semester was a "bleh" semester for me since it was all about just getting my electives done. I didn't have ANY photo studio classes which really took away my mojo. I know I should've been taking pictures regardless but I worked a lot and studied a lot. But that shouldn't be an excuse. It's sad to say that a writing class was my favorite class (since i'm a photo major) this semester, but hey Professor Keith Miller is AWESOME :)

This semester went by fast, all in all. Did a lot of writing, a lot of studying, a lot of working so I saved lots of money.

Next semester is my last year at ASU, so I hope I can make the best out of it. Oh, gosh I'm growing up! Don't know if I want to go out into the real world yet but career/job searching is next up on my to-do list. Hopefully going to Japan this summer will make it clear on what I want to do.

I'll make sure I keep this blog updated with lots of pictures.

Everyone, have a great summer!

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