Alejate de Mi & Mientes - Camila / by airi katsuta

[youtube] There's something about Spanish music that's so romantic and sexy.

I've always liked listening to Spanish songs, like Shakira or Selena when I was learning Spanish back in middle school. I didn't really understand what they were singing about but it just sounds so good. I learned English by listening to songs so maybe I'll be able to understand Spanish by listening more.

So lately, I've been listening to 100.3 La Kalle, which is a Latin radio station. I've had enough of the over-saturated pop songs on 104.7 or 101.5. Hey, I love Lady GaGa or Bruno Mars but if it's playing every 10 minutes, my ears starts to hurt. Anyways, after listening to 100.3, I discovered this band called Camila. Their ballads have so much emotions in it, and even though I don't understand what they're really saying, I can feel it, if that makes any sense.



Their song, Mientes, won Best Recording and Song of the Year at the Latin Grammy Awards. And their album, Dejarte de Amar won Best Album by a Group or a Duo.