Wildlife Zoo & Aquarium by airi katsuta

I worked 10 days straight and didn't really have a spring break so I decided to take the whole Sunday off and planned a trip to the zoo with my boyfriend. We've been watching a lot of Animal Planet over the last few months. My favorite would be "Fatal Attractions" where these crazy mofos get tigers or alligator for pets and they're like "My tiger loves me!" and it bites its arm off or kills them.Anyways, I really wanted to see exotic animals so we went to the Wildlife Zoo & Aquarium. I was really surprised of how close you can get to those critters. You can literally jump the tiny fences and hug a rhino or a zebra. I was really tempted.

The Baby Animal Nursery was the cutest thing ever. Look at the newborn baby tortoises :)

These baby wart hogs are just a day old. Cute lil' Pumbas!

Most of the Jaguars and Tigers were sleeping. This one guy was poking this jaguar with a rolled up paper. I was hoping this pussy cat will wake up and bite his arm off. haha.

I guess cockroaches can live for a week without its head. The only reason they die is because it won't have a mouth to drink water.

This giant iguana was super chill.

I'll finish this post later. I'm going to bed.