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Amanda & Nick by airi katsuta


amanda&nick02 Last week, I had the opportunity to take some maternity pictures of my old friends Amanda and Nick. They've been together forever and they're adorable together. I've known them from my Barro's Pizza days on Baseline & Mill, a job that I worked during my college years.



Amanda reached out to me for a photo shoot since they're expecting a baby next month! Emilie Isabel, a baby girl. Amanda has always looked gorgeous but she had such a nice glow to her face. And since we're about the same size, I hope I look as good as her when I'm pregnant (but don't expect a baby from me anytime soon) But it's amazing and magical how life is growing inside you. I know we've been doing this for thousands and thousands of years but still! Life is awesome.


I could tell they were a little uncomfortable at first getting their pictures taken, but soon enough they were sharing stories, laughing, joking around and smiling. Their puppy, Luca, is a little cutie pie too.


I'm very happy for these two, and I know they're going to be amazing parents. I'm looking forward to meeting Baby Emilie in a couple weeks!



xo, Airi

Nick by airi katsuta

He's been my boss at Barro's for 3 years. I'm not gonna lie, he used to scare the living crap out of me (I guess he still does). He has a really good poker face so it's hard to tell if he's serious or not. Whenever I ask him for his permission for a break at work, he always tells me no and being the gullible person that I am, I always believe him (EVERYTIME). But then he gives me a big smile and tells me he's kidding. I used to think he was just this scary person, but over the few years I've known him, I realized he's a nice guy. He is very understanding when it comes to school and gives me the schedule I can handle throughout the school year. And deals with me when I take 6 weeks off every year when I go to Japan. Trust me, no other job will let me do that and let me have the same schedule back. He was my first subject for the view camera and I was just nervous handling the camera. It was funny how he knew more about setting it up than I did. In the picture above, you can kiiinda see a smile in there :)

Barro's Pizza. by airi katsuta

I work at Barro's Pizza on the southwest corner of Mill Ave. & Baseline Rd. I've been working here since April of 2009. I've worked at Barro's on 32nd & Chandler when I was in high school but I only worked there for less than a year. I am here 5 days out of the week. Work about 65~70 hours within 2 weeks so basically I'm there a lot. I like working here because I don't have to worry about work once I clock out, it's an easy job, alright pay, and people that I work with are pretty interesting. I see hobos everyday digging through our dumpster finding pizza crusts or half eaten chicken wings. I've seen a guy get tasered by a whole bunch of officers looking like an episode from COPS. A lot of drunk people stumble into our store as they drink all day at the Woodshed across from us. I've seen people shooting in our little plaza. So I gotta say, there's never a dull moment here at Mill & Baseline.

So since I'm here all the time and never really have the time to go shoot like I used to, I figured I'll take pictures here. I hope I can capture things that I never noticed while I'm working by looking through my viewfinder.