Thousand Cranes at Arizona Matsuri Festival / by airi katsuta

Photo by Cory Baumer I'm disappointed I haven't been able to blog as much as I've wanted to recently, but glad there's so much to blog about!

I got to be a part of Arizona Matsuri Festival on February 23rd and 24th again this year and had a fantastic time. It was a rush meeting thousands of people and getting the opportunity to share with them the story behind 1,000 Cranes as well as the process of creating the one a kind exhibit from scratch. To read more about the process, check out my other blog post

Unlike last year, I got the transportation of 1,000 cranes down to a science! Because the cranes are strung on fishing line individually with as many as ten cranes per strand, putting each strand in a separate bag saved hours of set-up time.

Photo by Cory Baumer

Even though every strand of blue and white cranes was weighted down with a marble to prevent tangles, the Sunday weather had other plans. Gusts of fierce wind kept me on a ladder all day untangling (in a dress no less!). For some reason many were delighted to receive my business card from a few feet higher in altitude. The display was even visited by a local news crew! It was a unique experience giving a video interview with so much sunscreen in my eyes that I didn't know which way was up:)

The best part of the festival this year was all the positive reactions I got to the installation. It became clear to me that 1,000 Cranes has an aesthetic that appeals to so many different people. All I can think of now is: how am I going to top this?

Local artist Airi Katsuta and her thousand cranes

A very kind and talented local photographer and blogger wrote a wonderful blog post about me and the festival. Check it out!