Day 7: Boats & Docks / by airi katsuta

Day 7 started off on a good note. I got up bright and early! I always rent a bicycle to get around town and when I asked for the key at the front desk, I saw the frog that Riho and I gave them a couple days ago. This made me smile :) I went for a bike ride by the Kyu-Kita-Kami river towards the ocean.


There was lots of fishing boats, ferry boats, and transport boats on dock of the day of the tsunami. Some boats are still on land since that day. Large boats are extremely heavy. So I have no idea how they're going to move it when it's that heavy PLUS holding up that building that collapsed on it.

Fishing companies lost/ruined most of their tools. These nets are used to catch lots and lots of fish and they cost tens of thousands of dollars. Though their docks and boats were ruined, some fishermen relocated and repaired their boats and started back again.

All over town, especially by the coastline, there are areas like this with trash piled up 2,3 stories high. Probably like 15, 20 football fields piled with trash.

Trucks carrying scraps to dump to the piles were driving around very busily. I felt bad riding around being in their way when they were working hard.