Barro's Pizza. / by airi katsuta

I work at Barro's Pizza on the southwest corner of Mill Ave. & Baseline Rd. I've been working here since April of 2009. I've worked at Barro's on 32nd & Chandler when I was in high school but I only worked there for less than a year. I am here 5 days out of the week. Work about 65~70 hours within 2 weeks so basically I'm there a lot. I like working here because I don't have to worry about work once I clock out, it's an easy job, alright pay, and people that I work with are pretty interesting. I see hobos everyday digging through our dumpster finding pizza crusts or half eaten chicken wings. I've seen a guy get tasered by a whole bunch of officers looking like an episode from COPS. A lot of drunk people stumble into our store as they drink all day at the Woodshed across from us. I've seen people shooting in our little plaza. So I gotta say, there's never a dull moment here at Mill & Baseline.

So since I'm here all the time and never really have the time to go shoot like I used to, I figured I'll take pictures here. I hope I can capture things that I never noticed while I'm working by looking through my viewfinder.